Monday, February 21, 2011

New Beginings

Have you ever just wanted to run away and start all over?? Maybe change your name, your style, and your view of the world?? Well, in a sense, that's what I am doing. Only my change is of the bloggy kind. With my first blog I just didn't seem like myself. It was a great and amazingly helpful tool when I was struggling with secondary infertility but once I finally got pregnant it seemed like people fell away and my blog just wasn't the happy real (or at least as real as you can be in the internet) place I wanted it to be. I'm really an out spoken crazy (good crazy, I think) person and love life. I don't really think you could see that in the old one, soooooooo on to new and better things! Right? Are you with me? I sure hope so! 

So would you like an introduction now? How about a short and simple one? 

Bulleted list maybe? 
ummmmmm...... What should it be??? I don't know! Help!!!

No really, ummm, let's see. I am young, married, and a mom of two. My husband and I have been together seven years and married for three (four in June). We have a three year old daughter and a three month old son. We have the normal married people issues but we are crazy for each other and love the little family we have like crazy. 

Too short and sweet? Maybe I'll type up an elaborate version one day. Guess you'll have to stick around to find out!  

Until then, Later Gators!! 

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  1. I know that feeling--changed my blog to what it is just a little over a year ago for similar reasons. Now it feels more like me. Except I find that I've had a harder time trying to find more mommy blogs of babies similar in age to mine. As much as I love still rooting on my IF friends, I also want to read mommy blogs for the adventures in parenthood, too!

    Anyway, still following!