Thursday, March 10, 2011

Interruption! (Plus a Laugh)

Hello Folks! We interrupt this 30 day photo challenge for an important update! Look what we can do now!

We had a four months checkup (and shots) for little Mr. L here and this is what he does while we are waiting! How awesome is that? Want to know something even cooler? Haleigh sat up for the first time exactly three years ago today!

Pretty cool huh? Also, he did great today. The doctor scared me to death because he said he thought L had a heart murmur. Turns out a murmur and a deep breath can sound the same, so after listening again he concluded that L is just fine. Thank you Lord! 

He now weighs 14lbs 4oz & he is 25in tall. Growing like a weed, way to stinkin fast!

Ok then Back to your regular Programming!


Day 08: A Picture That Makes You Laugh

All I can say is My Silly Silly Husband :)

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