Saturday, April 9, 2011

BumGenius 4.0 (Pocket Diaper)

BumGenius was not the first diaper I bought. I wanted to take the cheap approach at first. 
Now I wish I would have stocked up with more of these. They are a little on the bulky side, but definitely not close to the biggest I've seen. 
When I first bought this diaper I wasn't too impressed. It even leaked like crazy. I thought it was the diapers fault and was about to just do away with it, but then it started doing great and now I love them. 
I don't have any snap ones, I only have Hook & Loop (Velcro) which I LOVE! I think hook & loop gives a better fit around the waste and is just easier. 

Some initial views of the diaper

When you buy a BumGenius you get the diaper and two inserts. One that is size-able and one that can be used as a doubler. 

Because this is a One Size diaper you are able to size into SMALL, MEDIUM, & LARGE. 

Here are some views of the diaper in Lucas. He is 16lbs and on the second row of snaps. (He can still fit the small size but the second row seems more comfortable)


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  1. We have that exact same diaper and we really like it! It's not my favorite, but it works really well. B is now 16 lbs. and is on the second row of snaps too.