Saturday, April 16, 2011


Boy, today has been one of those days. Dad and David wanted to take dad's boat to the lake. It's an old boat they fixed up and wanted to test run. So we hooked the boat up and we all went to the lake. Mind you I was not very sure about this. I said we should just stay home but Haleigh wanted to go too and you know men....they just don't listen.
So we get to the lake and the wind is TERRIBLE. The water is ridiculously choppy. 

I told the guys this is a bad idea we should just go home. But no they just had to try. So they get the boat in the water and we go park the truck. Get the kids out and head to the water only to find my dad yelling for David's help. The back of the boat was sinking fast and he was trying to counter act the weight but he wasn't heavy enough. So I make Haleigh sit with Lucas, who I put in his little seat thing and get on the boat with dad while David goes and gets the truck so we can try to pull the boat out. 
Mind you there is a freaking fishing tournament thing going on and no one has even bothered to try to help us. So I am getting soaked cause the wind is blowing tons of water on me and into the boat. In the midst of this Haleigh is screaming about loosing her fishing pole and the crazy wind blew Lucas's seat over with him in it. So I jump off the boat to get him (cause obviously he is WAY more important). Lucky one man did come and help us at that time. They were able to get the boat back on the trailer and out of the water. It was so crazy and ridiculous. I am just glad my kids weren't in that boat. 

This is pretty much what the boat was looking like (this pic is via Google search cause obviously I didn't have time to get a picture.) 

And Lucas's poor head:

Poor baby, it's all gone away now and he's acting totally normal so I'm not too worried. 
Next time I think I will go with my gut and stay home.


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