Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dentist......Poop........Gender Time!

Today is gonna get a little crazy. We (when I say we, I mean the kids) have a dentist appointment today and well, lets just say Haleigh is not  the biggest fan and has already informed me that she does not want to go (and she wasn't that calm about it). This is the first time I have taken both of them, so this is going to be interesting, because they both have to be seen and it'll just be me. Lucas is going so we can look at his frenula (the piece of tissue between the upper lip and his gums). It's really low and it looks even worse since his gums are swollen from teething. I'm guessing it's one of the reasons we had so much trouble with his latch (breastfeeding) and it can cause his teeth to have a huge gap and I want to see whats best to do about it.
So that's how our day will end, wanna know how it started??? We woke up late so hubby was late for work and when I walked into Lucas's room to get him this morning there had been a MAJOR poop explosion. This teething stuff is no joke! Luckily this is the first poop explosion I've had in a long while.
On another note I hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL week! I get to end mine by finding out what Tiffany's baby is!!!!! SO EXCITING!!! (I'm still saying girl, but we will see. Mommy thinks boy)


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