Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekly Round Up 5

Nothing too exciting this week. Just Three weeks of school left!!! (Two weeks of clinical's)  It's getting so close! 
Our p90x came Friday and Saturday we went out and got some weights and such and Sunday night we started!  I am definitely feeling it today. After the kids are down for the night we are going to to do day two, SO EXCITING!!
Pictures from the week:)

Big Stuff Ain't He?

You Should have seen all these, I know they are suppose to be dancing but really?

My <3

First time on a Merry-Go-Round!!

This never gets old ;)

Too much fun!!

Silly Faces!

Hanging out with the cuzzo's

Video Time!
Remember how I said Lucas was walking?! 
Well here he is!


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