Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Time!

So last week we went to the pumpkin patch. We wanted to try a new place, something other than the one we went to last year (everyone here goes there) The normal on is great but it's just not that big and way too over crowded for its space. 
I got a local parent magazine to see if they had any ads. We found one and reading the directions we thought it was close so we would try it. Boy were we wrong we read the directions way wrong and ended up a lot further away than what we planned, but it was so worth it! 
This place was great and had everything we wanted. Fir $2 you were able to do a Mini Corn maze, visit the Honey makin bees, farm animals, wagon ride, and pumpkin patch. Pretty good,  huh? They had a large maze also for $7, but we figured the mini maze was just perfect. 
We did the mini maze a few times and visited the honey bees. We decided to skip the animals this go round, and hopping on the wagon for a ride around the farm to the pumpkin patch. When you get to the patch you can grab a wheel barrel and some prunning shears and head out to find your perfect pumpkin, or in our case pumpkinS. It was a lot of fun searching through the vines and cutting our own pumpkins. By the time we were down we had seven pumpkins. Some normal ones, a green one, and couple of orange and green ones. They had character just like us ;). We then headed to the man that weighs them and writes it on out little price sheet (pumpkins were .45 a pound). We ended up with 47.5 lbs of pumpkin and spent $22, not bad huh?
We then waited for the wagon to go back to our car and head back to were you pay for everything. When we got there they had all kinds of food samples which were very yummy. 
All - in - all we had a wonderful day and can't wait to go back! The pumpkins are set up on our porch, but have yet to decorated. 
So here our a handful of pictures from our day!

Growing Growing Growing

My two loves <3                                   Silly Girl  

He didn't know what                 Can you see him? 
to think of this stuff!                                                   *


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  1. I can't believe how big they both are getting!!