Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here is the rest of the story of the day Lucas was born:

     There are two ways to get to the L&D wing from my OB’s office.  The first is by going back to the car and driving to the parking garage and walking up. The other is through a little maze of hallways that connects the building my OB’s office is in and the hospital. Luckily I know this hospital well so we didn’t have to go outside and drive around.  So we headed toward the little maze and started our phone calls. We had to get someone there to get Haleigh and someone to get our hospital bags and the car seat and all that fun stuff.  We were not prepared in the least bit. By this point I was beyond nervous and scared. It was too soon to me he wasn't supposed to be here for a couple more weeks.

     It was a little over whelming but at least we were still on for our VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). I forgot to mention that before. Dr. D didn’t even talk C-section when he sent me to L&D and was just fine with a trial of labor and seeing if we could do it. That was very exciting.

     Half way to L&D I gave Haleigh a huge hug and kiss and let David take her out side to meet his grandparents. As he was taking her out I went up to L&D. Once I got to the floor I headed to triage and explained why I was there. They hadn’t got the orders yet and there were no rooms just yet so I sat in one of the triage rooms. It was about 1 o’clock at this point. I went ahead and changed into the gown and sat down on the bed.  I didn’t wait too long before the nurse came in. She asked me all the normal questions and hooked me up to some monitors (because the room still wasn’t ready yet) and gave me my bracelets. She left the room for a minute and then came back to tell me she was going to go ahead and place my IV. While she was doing that we were talking about what was going on and I told her how I was trying for a VBAC (the question had come up early in her questionnaire) and I found out she had had a successful VBAC a few years ago. It was like it was meant to be that I was getting nothing but good vibes from everyone. David showed back up around this point. 

     At about 2:10 they had my room ready and they walked me to it. I got all comfy, or as comfy as you can be in a hospital labor bed, and they hooked up my IV. They then got the antibiotics going (I had been positive for Group B Strep) and hooked up the Pitocin.

     At around 2:30 Dr. D came in and checked me again; 3cm and 75%. I was having small contractions on my own already but nothing major.  He decided to go ahead and break my water and hook up internal monitoring. This last bit bugs the crap at me. With our next pregnancy I am going to make it a point (if it’s a hospital birth) to make sure they don’t break my water or do internal monitoring. I hate that crap! I hate that after that I am not allowed out of my bed. I hate that I can’t move around at all! Anyway, back to my story……. After all the monitoring was hooked up they started the Pit and left me to start Labor.

     Over the next hour or so they upped the pit a little bit and around 4pm I went ahead and got the epidural. I wasn’t in a lot of pain or anything, but because this was a VBAC and I had a risk of needing an emergency C-section I went ahead and got it. I didn’t want something to go wrong and end up being asleep for my son’s birth. The epidural was fine, the anesthesiologist was amazing and I really didn’t feel a thing.  

     A couple hours later my nurse checked me. I was 6cm at 6pm. I thought that was pretty cool. She upped the pit a little more and at this point I decided to lay down and eat some ice. This was a huge mistake! Lying down slows labor down so for the next two hours my progress stalled, which sucked because it was at this point that the word C-section was thrown around for the first time. Dr. D said if I stayed like this they would need to do one. That was definitely a huge no for me so I sat up and the nurse upped the pit a little more.  At 8ish I was getting uncomfortable and feeling a lot more pain. I knew Lucas had moved down more and I got the nurse to check me again. I was 8cm and fully effaced at this point. After that everything happened fast. The anesthesiologist came back and gave me some more epidural (which began to help). Right after he left the room I had the intense urge to push.

     By this point I was already sitting up and the bottom of the bed had been dropped so that I could dangle my feet.  The nurse kept saying she had just checked me and there’s no way I was ready, but I knew I was. I knew that this was it, pushing time. She finally checked me at 8:45 and sure enough I was 10cm and Lucas was crowning.

     It was a rush after that. The nurse was yelling at me to not push and she was yelling for another nurse to come in and to get the Dr. D. She was setting up the bed and getting everything ready and keeping an eye on me. Dr. D walked in at 9:15pm and we started pushing. 

     Six pushes and 20 minutes later Lucas was born! It was the best feeling in the world! I had ripped pretty badly and Lucas was covered in nastiness but he was here safe and sound and I had had a successful VBAC! It was the most exhilarating feeling.  It was amazing see my son, even though lovely Dr. D had announced upon his birth that “It’s a Girl!” and if my legs had not been numb I would have kicked him. It was amazing and better than I had planned. I honestly don’t even remember when his placenta came out. I was way too into my son.

A few min later David had cut the cord and Lucas was being cleaned up. Just amazing!

My 7lb 5oz 20in long son was born into this world at 9:35pm on November 9, 2010.

     Well that’s it for the story, I’m sure you don’t want the rest of the details so I will leave those alone for now. I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane, I sure did!


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