Monday, December 12, 2011


I am so antsy! I just can't help it. 

I am treating my email inbox like a refrigerator, you know opening it a million times when you KNOW there is nothing there. 

I guess this is the bad thing about living in a timezone that is three hours ahead of the agency you are working with. Although it is 10am here it can only be 7am there, sooooo NO ONE is in yet. Which again makes me antsy. 

I sent in all the OB records over the weekend; which was the hardest thing to do so far. I mean getting the records was easy. I mean I went and got them back in September, so they have been on hand. I didn't want to snail mail them because (1) It will take too long for my taste & (2) Email/Fax is free (have I mentioned I'm kind of a penny pincer? That's a whole other story) So I resigned to fax them, should be easy right? WRONG! Oh so wrong. 

I don't have a fax machine so I went to my dad's to use his.  The fax machine hated me the first ten times I tried, so I left and went back home. I decided fine I will just scan all the pages in and email them.  Boy did that turn into a chore...... First my stupid printer/scanner would not scan anything to my computer. It would do everything else EXCEPT scan to the computer. After fulling with it for 2 hours I downloaded system updates and finally it worked. 
After scanning 30 pages in, I messed up and deleted them all (after trying before to make them all one PDF file, no luck) So I started over (keep in mind there are 96 pages in this stack) to make a long story short, that was not working. Finally my dad calls me and ends up informing me the fax wasn't hooked up.....DUH! Hello Courtney pay attention! <----Thoughts to myself.

We ended up back at his house trying to fax again and this time the thing just didn't want to fax that many pages. So I used his hu-mon-go scanner and scanned them all in and made them three files (too big to send in just one) and was finally able to send them off. 

So hopefully they will be being reviewed and read over in the next few hours. I hope she takes them emailed :/ I think I'll cry if that ends up being an issue. 

I have to go to work in a few hours and I so hope I get that email sometime soon!!  (with good news no bad news!)


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