Thursday, December 8, 2011

Exciting Stuff!

Want to hear some crazy exciting news?! Well I guess it’s not the most amazing thing ever, but it’s pretty exciting for now!

Well do you?

All I have to do is send in my OB records and call when AF shows up and we are off to California to do testing to be a Surrogate!!! I am getting so much closer.

This is so exciting. I just hope nothing goes wrong and we are able to move forward and have a baby (or babies ;)) for some amazing couple!
Wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed.

I had a phone consultation/interview with the agency I will be working with this past Tuesday on the 6th and had the go ahead to finish paperwork. I sent in all the things they needed, except the OB records because I’m not sure where to send those. I have to wait until morning to call and find out.  Then those will be sent off and the only thing I’ll have to wait on is Cycle Day 1 (or my period to start). They want to do the testing and things needed sometime between cycle days 7-14. So I will call on cycle day 1 and they will set up a flight for David and I to California, where they are based.

Told you it’s exciting! I will keep you all updated!!


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