Thursday, December 15, 2011

First Official Test

Ok, so if you know me or seen pictures you already know I'm not the tiniest girl ever. I'm a little on the heavy side. Being tall gives me a little bit of an advantage. Most people think I'm lying when I say how much I weigh. 

Oh well not the moral of this story......on with it. 

Because of the above they (they being the Agency) wanted me to go have a glucose test done. You know to make sure I'm not diabetic, I guess. I got that email yesterday and my lab orders last night. So first thing this morning I looked up the nearest location of the place they gave me and made an appointment. 

My appointment ended up being at 9:45am this morning so needless to say I was in a hurry to get the kids and myself ready.

I rushed and dropped them off, because lets face it they were not going to be happy waiting around on me in some lab. 

I got to the lab with 10 minutes to spare. Thank goodness cause I HATE being late! It drives me nuts!

The lady behind the desk asked what I was there for and for my paperwork. I answered everything and gave her the lab orders. She was really nice. A few minutes later I was back in a room in a big lime green chair. It was pretty comfy and plenty roomy.

We went over some questions and then she took her first vile of blood. This had to be taken while fasting (I hadn't eaten anything since 9pm the night before. ) Then she gave me the nasty overly sugared orange drink. I honestly think this was the worst one I've had so far, however I drank it "as fast as I could". 

She tossed the empty bottle and gave me some DVDs to pick though. Then left the room and came back with a portable DVD player.  She hooked it all up and left me for an hour. 

While she was gone I watched "City Of Angels" (I can't believe I'd never seen it! I LOVE Nicholas Cage!). I played on my phone; tweeting and facebooking. I also watched the parade of people that come through for drug screenings. It was a busy day in there. 

An hour passed and Pam (my "blood taker") came back in to draw blood vile number 2 from my arm. This "stick" hurt a lot more than the first one. She put that vile with it's sister and went back out to leave me for another hour. 

I spent that hour doing much of the same, but this time it went by a little quicker. The third "stick" hurt the worst but at least it was only for a second. After she was done I was sent on my way and now  await the results!

I'm not thinking they are going to find anything crazy. I've always passed the 1 hour sugar test with flying colors. 

Stay Tuned!!!



  1. I am just starting to look into being a surrogate and am curious how you went about finding an agency. That is the part that seems the most overwhelming to me and I am not even sure where to start. I am excited to follow your journey through this process:o) It is such an amazing thing to be able to do for someone.