Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Horrible, with a little AWESOME mixed in.

     Yesterday was one of those horrid days you wish never happened. Actually, if I weren't so sore I'd probably think it didn't. I had some kind of stomach bug (and by bug I mean the huge horrible ferocious kind that you only find in the Amazon Jungle) that had me in one of two places all day. One being the notorious bathroom where the porcelain throne was my friend (thank God he was clean) and two being my nice comfy bed that , by the way, is not so comfy when you're that sick. 

   Thankfully I was already off work so I didn't have to call in and David took the kids to his Aunt's. I was suppose to clean the house and finish painting Lucas's room, but obviously that didn't happen. I am slowly working on that today, but really I'm not in the mood anymore. Plus it feels like a truck ran over my chest a few times and I have been jaggedly put back together. 

    Ok, enough of the grossness that was, on to the awesome mentioned in the title. Guess what I got?!?! Our final Screening Itinerary! Exciting!! I got the email Monday evening that I had passed my glucose screening. Duh, I told you unless my body decided to hate me all of a sudden I do not have diabetes; although my mother would like to think otherwise.


   We are flying to LA Jan. 2 and it somehow worked out that we will have that whole day to ourselves doing whatever. Which is pretty awesome. Neither of us have ever flown or been any where near the west coast so this should definitely be interesting. We might even get to see the Pacific ocean! Totally awesome for this east coaster!

     Sorry got a little side tracked. So we will fly in Monday morning and have a vacation day. Then Tuesday we wake up bright and early and head to the offices for all the screenings. I am so excited for this! All we have to do is be our awesome selves (at least I hope they see us that way) and hope my uterus is as great as she was  before Lucas and we are in! I'm not really looking forward to the saline wash in the uterus but hey gotta do whatcha gotta do, right?

    I am so excited to get this past us (and pass everything) so we can move on to choosing our IP's (Surro lingo for Intended Parents). Wish us luck!!


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