Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Giant Cow!

Last weekend we went to a local Zoo that does a huge Christmas Lights Safari. Usually It's really awesome and we have a blast, it's one of our traditions we never miss. This year was really disappointing though. They have a huge section were you are able to feed loads of deer and some zebras and a few other animals. Well this year they had a quarter of the deer they had last year, which was horrible cause none wanted to really eat because there were already so many people there. 
However this year they had three huge dairy cows roaming around. One of those cows came up to the car for some food and this is what happened:

The thing scares me too death but it was fun to watch. 

We went on to see the rest of the lights and to "Santa's Village", which is at the end. There you can feed more animals, roast marshmallows, eat a snack, sip some hot chocolate, and meet Santa. 


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