Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Christmas Tree!

Last weekend we went out and cut down our Christmas Tree for this year. Although it wasn't cold or very "Christmasy" it was a ton of fun. This wasn't the first year we had a real tree but it was the first year we went to a Christmas Tree farm and cut one down. We had a blast and the kids LOVED it! This is definitely a new tradition that I hope we can keep up with.

We got there and were told where everything was and which way to head, We stopped first at the little measuring tree. Same as at the Pumpkin Patch, a way to see how much the kiddos are growing each year.

Then we headed down to see some of the farm animals they had. There were some pigs, turkeys, ducks, and rabbits. The pigs were especially cute, even in the muddy mess they had.

We then headed out to find the trees! They had seven or eight different kinds (at least that I saw). They even had some pre-cut trees, but where's the fun in that? We had our saw so we started our hunt. We walked though all the trees for about an hour and we finally found the PERFECT one! 

Haybug and I cut it down and Daddy drug it to the end of the row. 

We waited for the guy with the tractor to come around and load it up. 
He didn't take too long and he was super nice. He loaded it up and took it to shake all the "junk" out and wrap it up.  In the mean time we walked back up to the little shop they had. We sampled some ciders and got some caramel apples and sat in the rocking chairs for a bit. 

Then we caught a hayride around the farm!

We finally decided we had had enough fun and headed to leave. Some of the men from the farm put the tree on our car for us and tied it down. 

Then we were on our way! 

We had so much fun and will definitely be back next year!


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