Thursday, January 19, 2012

365 Photo Challenge

Ok, so I know it's already the middle of the month and I'm jumping on this band wagon a little late...BUT I want to do a 365 day photo challenge. 

Now these will just be pictures I take on these days through out the year. They may just be some randoms but they will all be wonderful in some form or fashion. 

The plan as of right now will be to do a weekly post and just do that weeks pictures. I'm not sure what day I will post it on we will just have to see. 

Ok so here we go!

Let's play a little catch up:

HayBug and little J-Babe

Our first visit to LA

Screening for the Surrogacy

Vegas Airport
The Wee Hours Of The Morning On Day 4

My two favorite boys <3

Chillin in his sister's room

Gloomy day in the making.....

Pic is from our trip to LA

Another Gloomy Day

They are so good together!
(Most of the time)

Yelling at his sister

The Goof Troop

Now we will start the weekly Project 365 Posts. 


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