Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Good Stuff- LA Surro Trip

Tuesday morning we woke up early. 

We got ready and packed everything up.

Our breakfast came and this lady was really nice and set everything up for us. 

After eating we double checked and made sure we didn't forget anything and went to get our car. 

Then we were on our way to the offices of 
The agency we are working with. 

It was a short drive there, but parking took forever!

We finally found a spot and took the stairs down to get into the building.

I was nervous and so excited at this point. 

We walked in, found the elevators, and went up to the 13th floor. 

Then we found these doors!

Going through these doors would be a major step for this surrogacy. 

We were 30 minutes early, but they let us right in. 

I sat down at the computer to start taking the personality test. David went back  down and outside to explore a little, because seeing as this test had 580ish questions it was going to take a while.

It didn't seem to take as long as it did. Probably because I kept running into to questions like these:

That literally made me laugh out loud.

After that test was done we met Dr. Kim Bergman, who is one of the owners and Psychologist. 

She was great and our interview/psych eval went great! 
She asked a bunch or questions and we gave her a bunch of answers. 

Going in you're not really sure if you should be straight up honest or pretty things up a bit. 
In the end we decided to be straight up honest. I always try to be so why change things now?

She loved us (at least I think she did)
She told me I passed the personality test and we had just passed the psych eval!! 

She went over some things about the surrogacy and the emotional aspect of it.
Also what to expect now. 
 Then we shook hands and told her we would see her soon!

We did it!! I was halfway to becoming a surrogate!

What happened with the medical part????

Tomorrow you will see! :)


  1. Courtney... you are killing me here! I am so excited for you and thankful. Even though I, myself, don't need a surrogate we thought at one time it would be a possibility. I am so thankful for people like you.