Friday, January 6, 2012

LA Trip Part Dos

Sorry to leave you hanging.

It's hard having time to sit and write anything. 

Any-who-sal, on with it........

It only took us about 10 minutes to find our hotel. We parked out front and went to check in. The whole check in process was pretty simple and took very little time. We got our room keys and went back to the car to get our bags and let valet park our car. 

We headed up to our room, which was on the 3rd floor. When we got there we were pretty pleased with it. It was huge and had Kitchen area, dining area, and sitting room area. You went up a step and you had the "bedroom" and further in you had another room that was a makeup/closet room. Then you had the bathroom, which wasn't fancy but was pretty neat. 

By the way the hotel we stayed at was the Le Parc Suite Hotel. It wasn't the "fanciest' hotel and I'm sure some people have seen a lot better, but we loved it. The bed was super comfy, there was plenty of room, and the staff was amazing.  The hotel had the Knoll Restaurant,  a gym, a sauna, a roof top pool (that was heated), cabana's, hot tub, tennis court, and tons of sitting areas. 

Back to the story.

We got to the room and checked out all the nooks and craneys. Then we ordered room service, cause let's face it we were tired! Way to tired to go back out in that scary traffic to find lunch. 

It got there and we ate it and rested some. I wasn't crazy about the salad. I guess my pallet just isn't refined enough for whatever was in it.

After we rested we went back down, got the car, and headed out to Santa Monica Pier. That drive was really no less scary and finding parking wasn't so easy either. We finally settled on the biggest closest lot and it cost us $7. The teller at the entrance only took cash so we had to park the car and go find a ticket kiosk and then bring the ticket back to the car. 

Sorry, but I'm going to have to leave you hanging again :(

There is just too much to write to put it all here. I know you really just want to read the good stuff, but I promise I'm getting there. 

Have to have some build up right?   


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