Wednesday, January 11, 2012

News on The Surro Front!!

We have some exciting news!!

I have been stalking my email every day  since we left Los Angeles, just hoping and waiting for an email. Any kind of communication. 

Well last night I got that email. 

Not the email with my "Official" medical clearance, but an even better one!

Last night we were emailed our first COUPLE PROFILE!!

"Profile of _____ and _____"

I was SO excited to get see these words sitting in my inbox.

I opened it right away, but only got to glance at it because I was at work. 

I waited until I got home and David was able to look at it with me. We downloaded the files and started reading. 

This couple looked like a great couple but reading through their profile just didn't give me that feeling I though I would get when reading our IPs profile. There were also some things about them I was just not comfortable with. 

So together we decided that this was not the couple for us.

I sent an email back to my agency and told them my reservations. i told them this was not the couple for us. 

This morning I got another email thanking me for giving them such good feedback and attached a new profile. 

"Profile of E and A"

I opened it immediately. 

I read through every detail and took in their picture (they had a bunch). 


I felt the butterflies and the goosebumps I had heard about. I knew this was the couple we are suppose to help. 

I called David and told him about them and then I forwarded my email to him so he could read their profile. 

He loved their profile too!

So I sent off another email.

This time telling them "They are perfect!" 

So now we wait again. 

After our medical clearance comes in, the agency will send off our profile to them and they will say whether or not they want to work with us. 

If they say yes (I SO SO hope they do) then we are off to our match meeting. 

We will either fly back out to LA or up to the Ohio Valley and we will meet them. If we still like each other we will move forward and have a baby (or two)!!!

Wish us luck!! 



  1. Getting Profiles is one of my favorite parts. It makes me want to read all of them! Congrats!