Saturday, January 7, 2012

Part Three!

After leaving the hotel we headed to Santa Monica Pier. One of the things we both wanted to make sure we did was at least touch the Pacific ocean.

If you've never been to either coast or just to one or the other let me just say the two are no where near alike. I mean the water here at Santa Monica Pier was similar to what it looks like at Myrtle Beach but at the same time nothing is the same. 

In Cali, or at least this beach, there is sand that goes on for days. Here we have short beaches and everything is flat. There they have huge beaches with tons of soft sand and mountains that go right into the ocean. None of this flat for days stuff like around here. 

It was really beautiful. 

I was hoping to walk more down the beach and see more than we did, but honestly we were way to tired. We just walked along the beach a little ways. We walked around on the Pier and though the rides.

Walked to the end and watched people fishing. 

We even saw a seal swimming around.

We left there after an hour or so and decided to drive around.

We ended up driving down Rodeo Dr, which was not at all what I thought it was. 

Then went to find the Hollywood sign

After finding it we just drove thought the neighborhoods on the Hills.

Definitely not a place I could live. WAY too close together.

I wanted to go to the Griffith Observatory. So we headed that way. It didn't take long, but to our disappointment it was closed. I later found out it's closed every Monday and Tuesday. 

Then we decided to head to Forest Lawn Cemetery.
Again CLOSED! 

We just had no luck with this stuff. 

So we headed off to get some dinner. We had no clue where to go, but I did now I did not want to pay $10 just to park to go eat. So after riding around for an hour and finding nothing with it's own parking, we ended up at Johnny Rockets. Parking was only $2.

After eating our dinner we went back to the hotel. 

We walked around it and checked out all its amenities. 

The rooftop was beautiful. Cabana's and the pool and the skyline; just beautiful. 

We sat at the hot tub for a little bit. We didn't bring suits so all we could do was dangle our feet. 

We then went back to the room and got some rest.

This bed was WONDERFUL.

I promise tomorrow you get the good stuff.


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