Monday, January 9, 2012

The Rest.....LA Surro Trip

After leaving the Growing Generations office we decided to go check out the La Brea Tar Pits. I wanted to see it cause that's where Vada was in My Girl 2
I LOVE both of those movies .

That didn't work because it was crowded, parking was scarce, time was short, and nothing went my way with site seeing on this trip. 

So we just went on to Pasadena. 

We needed to get lunch, We had decided the day before we were going to eat at Buca Di Beppo's. <-----I've wanted to eat here for about two years now. Ever since  ShayCarl did his big Spaghetti Dive, but the closest one to me is almost two hours away, so yeah not happening.

Luckily there is one right in Pasadena. So we headed there in the horrible freeway traffic. We found great parking that was also FREE! Then went and ate. 

Buca's was great! The food was delicious, the people were great, and the decor was awesome.   

We left there and headed to HRC Fertility for our medical screenings.

We got to the waiting room and filled out all the paperwork. 

Not long after turning it in we were called back  to the lab. 

We both gave a urine sample.

David was the first to sit down for the blood draw. He only had three tubes to give. 

We joked around with our blood lady. She was really nice and teased David. She kept telling him not to pass out. (He never did, he's "Mr Tough Guy")

Then it was my turn. 

I seriously thought I would have at least 12 tubes to feel up and was antsy, but to my surprise there were only six. Six I can handle. 
(I didn't pass out either.....just in case you were wondering)

After we were done with that part we were sent back to the waiting room to wait for the second half. 

A few minutes later the doctor we would be working with came out into the waiting room to get us. Yep you heard me right, THE DOCTOR came to get us. Awesome right? I think it really shows how much he cares about his patients rather they are there for treatment or to be a surrogate. 

His office was BEAUTIFUL! He says he went overboard but hey, we liked it. We all sat done and he asked some questions and started going over all that we would be doing and the IVF process. He even had a diagram to help show every thing. We talked some and  went over tons of stuff. he didn't seemed bothered by anything except our birth control method. According to him we were using the  "Hope they don't get pregnant" method. 

After talking, we walked down to the exam room. Here he did a regular pap smear and took some cultures. Then he did a Sonohytergraphy. 
(It just sounds scarier than it is)
This procedure is pretty simple and for me not painful at all. Really I didn't feel anything. In short they shot saline in your uterus and then do an ultrasound to view everything. 

Everything was perfect!
He said my uterus and ovaries looked GREAT. 
Then they were done. Told me to get dressed and meet him down the hall. 

I got dressed and we walked to another little office room. 

Here we met the lead nurse we would be working with. We will call her Nurse M. 

She was great and went into even more detail about the process. 

As she was talking we were filling out more paperwork and signing a ton more pages. 

Before leaving I was given a Birth Control sample and a prescription.  So I will start that at the beginning of my next period. 

So now we wait! 

We got the ALL CLEAR for all the testing we had that day. Now we are just waiting blood work. 

Once we get that official Medical Clearance Letter we will be choosing IP's!!! 

Wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed!!!


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