Sunday, January 1, 2012

What Do People Think?

We leave in less than 24 hours. 

It's getting closer and closer as I type. 

It's still not real yet. 

I don't think I'll be completely excited til they say "You're awesome! We can totally use you!"  
Well maybe not those words exactly ;) 

So to get my mind away from the still there possibility of them denying me, I am going to talk/write about one of the questions I see pop up a lot. 

"What do the people in your life think about your decision to be a surrogate?"

I think I am really lucky, I have a ton of supportive people in my life. I only had one person get mad about it and called me "a selfish person to give up my child". I just explained it is NOT my child and moved on. 

Although I get a lot of "I don't think I could do that" and "are you sure you can handle giving up a baby like that?" everyone says they are excited for me and will support me. 

Surrogacy is definitely not for everyone and I don't expect everyone to understand. For me I know this child is not mine and the look on his/her parents faces will be all I need to give them their child.  

The whole reason I want to be a surrogate is to give people that love of being a parent. To have the love of your child is beyond words. I want to help someone have that. 

Granted I am hoping we come out of this with lifelong friends and I am able to have updates, if not be close to my surrobaby(ies). But, that being said, I am not their parent.  Yes, it will be my body nourishing them and helping them grow. Yes, I will be the one that feels them move and kick for 9 months. No, they are still not mine. Growing a baby does not make you a parent, caring for them and raising them does. 

I will love this child(ren) s lot I'm sure and I'm sure I will feel some kind of baby blues, but the happiness and love I will see from the Intended Parents will be well worth it. 

I have two amazing children that make my world complete. They are all I need. We may want more kids of our own in the future, but definitely no time soon. 

Ok, wish us luck!!!! 


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