Monday, September 12, 2011

Family Day Part 2! (finally)

I know, I know this part is way late, but better than nothing.....right? 

So we continued our day by going to Walnut Grove Plantation (another on a whim type moment) and explored. It was great and full of history. We had loads of fun looking at all the old buildings and learning about the history of this place. 

Here are some pictures from the Plantation. 

Stepping Stone to get onto a horse or into a carriage. 

The Main House

Walk way to the Plantation

Our First View Of The House

School House

This caught rain water to water the plants 

The Kitchen

Inside the Kitchen

Well where they got their water. 

Silly Haybug

Blacksmith's Forge

"Barn" and their wagon

I believe this was a recreation. I'm not sure now though.

Some of the original pots that the family used. 

Checking some of the other outbuildings.  

Old Lock

Doctors Office

Inside the office

Walking to the family grave yard. 

Entrance to the grave yard. 

Straight ahead you may be able to see the headstones. These were of the family that lived on this Plantation. The other little stones you see on the left and right each mark were a Slave was buried. The stones have no information on them just placed there to mark where they were buried. 

Walking the Nature trail on the Plantation

Trying to get into the back of the Kitchen

What the Plantation house looked like when the current owners bought it. 


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