Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Match Meeting!

Friday was the day we've been waiting for since going to screening. 

The day we meet our IPs (intented parents). 

It was hard to sleep the night before because of the nerves and I'm always afraid I'm going to over sleep and we'll miss our flight. 

I got a little bit of sleep, but ended up just getting up at 4am. I left David to sleep a little longer and went to fix my hair, makeup, and brush my teeth. Then I finished packing (last minute things). After I was ready  I started bugging David to get up and get ready.

We ended up leaving the house around 5am. Our flight wasn't suppose to leave until 7am but we wanted to have some time to spare. We parked and walked into the airport. 

We found our check-in kiosk pretty easily but boy did we get a surprise when we tried to check in. Turns out our flight in Ohio was cancled and we were moved to different flights. This wouldn't have been a big deal except our meeting was at 3pm and now we were landing in LA at 1:30. I hate being rushed, I need to be early or it throws me way off. Luckily the delta lady was there to save us. She was so awesome and rearranged our flights. She worked her magic and we ended up with flights that got into LAX 30min earlier rather than 2hours later.

The flights were pretty uneventful, and we ended up being able to sit beside each other for both flights.

We landed in LA safe and sound and headed through the airport to get outside to hunt down a Taxi. This was the first time I'd ever had a Taxi or even been close to one so I had no idea what we were doing. Luckily there was a little guy outside that called the cabs to you. We got one and manged to tell him where we were going, after I dumped my WHOLE notebook everywhere. 

We made it to the hotel around 11:30, with just a few minor heart attacks from the Taxi ride.  We checked in, got to our room, and ordered Lunch (we were starving!). 

It didn't take long for lunch to arrive and us to devour it so we ended up calling the cab early and headed out to our meeting. Let me just say Taxis in LA are scary! Even for short drives.

Since we were early we walked around through the streets near the Agency. We walked into a few stores and walked down to the La Brea Tar Pits (since I didn't get to go last time)

After a couple hours we made our way to GG's building.  We were still early but my nerves were catching up  with me so I just wanted to get there. We headed up to the 13th floor and rang the door bell. 

It was all just like it had been a month earlier when we were last here. The lady let us in and took us to the room where we would have our meeting.  We sat in here for what seemed like FOREVER, listening to the muffled voices and waiting to see when A & E would be there.

Then we heard the door bell! 

It was them! 

They were here! 

We could here them talking, they were just a door away. 

Our nerves shot through the roof at this point. We were so close and any minute we would meet the people we may be caring a baby for.  

We heard Kim come out of the office and start talking to A & E (at this point our nerves were even worse) and the first thing I clearly heard her say was "Are you nervous? You look nervous." 

That was it. 

My nerves left. 

I guess knowing they were for sure as nervous as we were made it so much easier. 

Kim came in said hey to us and told us what was going to happen then went out and got A & E. They were just as I pictured them. Dressed casual but not too casual. We shook hands and sat down facing each other. 

Kim coordinated and we went over a bunch of questions. Pretty much the same questions that were in our profile; I guess to make sure we were all on the same page. The more we talked the easier it was and the more I knew they were perfect for us and I was going to help them have a baby (if that's what they want too.) We were pretty much on the same page with everything. They aren't very sure how they feel about communication during and after the pregnancy, so it's pretty much up in the air right now. But, honestly, I don't blame them. being new to all this I wouldn't really know either. I mean right now I am a complete stranger, who knows how we will be after 9 months? I hope that I will be able to have updates every once in a while but I don't want to smother them they will have their hands full. 

After we were done talking with Kim being our mediator we were told to go to dinner or go hang out and get to know each other better. So we headed to their car and headed to The Grove. 

We talked a lot and found out we had a lot in common, personality wise. We walked around the shops at The Grove and through the farmers market. Just talking and cracking up at all the weird things we saw. We eventually sat down at the Cheesecake Factory and had some snacks (if you can call those huge plates snacks) and some drinks. 

It was so nice getting to know them and even better that it was so relaxed. D made it even easier, he can make conversations with anyone and keep it going. Without him I probably would have just over thought everything WAY too much and never really talked. Like the fact that I really wanted a picture of all of us and I never got it cause I never opened my mouth to ask.  Even without the picture we talked about everything else even about the meds for the transfer.  

We finally decided to call it a night, jet lag as kicking our tails and my feet had huge blisters (I were the way wrong shoes for this). They drove us back to our hotel. There was no awkward moment at the end we all hugged and exchanged numbers and emails. 

The night felt like I guess you'd feel after having an amazing first date. It was awesome, they were absolutely what we imagined and perfect.  I went ahead and sent my email in saying we loved them and can't wait to start this journey with them. 

I hope they did the same! Guess we will find out tomorrow. 

Oh, by the way, I asked about the blogging and they are 100% ok with it!

Ok, sorry if this was a really crazy post but I'm still so excited and just wanted to get it up so I wouldn't leave you all hanging too long!


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