Monday, February 20, 2012


I can't believe February is so close to be over. It's crazy how fast this year already seems to be going. Life needs to slow down just a little. 

There is no news on the Surro front yet. It's only been a week so I wasn't expecting any. (TMI ALERT) I'm still on the Birth Control, although now I'm on a new brand (not sure if I've mentioned that). At first I was on Reclipson (my trial pack Dr. K gave me) and now I'm taking Beyaz. It's helped the teenage breakout I was having and I don't feel sick or crazy or anything on it. However, I have been freaking spotting for over a WEEK! This crap is REALLY getting old. I am about to say forget it and stop taking them so I can get everything back on track or at least have a normal period and the then start again. It's just really annoying. 

My car is out of commission. If you  follow me on Twitter or my Facebook page you already knew that.

My kids are doing amazing though. Except for L's screaming he's into now. Drives me crazy but hopefully he'll tire of hearing himself scream soon. Here's to hoping. 

My new venture at the moment is couponing. I've seen tons of people do it (never watched that show though) and always thought good for them. I really didn't think I had the patience for it. But I am a cheapy and hate spending a lot on stuff if I can get it cheaper, so why not take that next step? Again, here's to hoping. 

Ok, there's a little update. I was bored and felt like blogging so here you go. 


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