Thursday, February 9, 2012

~Surro Rambles #2~

We will be on a plane in less that 24 hours. 

On our way to meet two people who want a family and we want to help give them one.

This is so nerve wracking!

I've read their profile a million times! I feel like they are perfect for us (but how can you really know or choose like this?)

I wonder how they feel about us? I wonder if they have read our profile and are as excited/nervous to meet us?

Right now I'm freaking out about what we are going to wear. I thought we would be okay casual because that's just us, but as I started packing the bags I wasn't so sure. So as soon as the hubs gets home I think we are going shopping. ;)

I hope it all goes well and we just love each other and want to get the ball rolling ASAP!

I went ahead and checked in early for our flight and low and behold we are not seating anywhere near each other on the plane there. I'm hoping we can get a seat change or something. 

As for the kiddos we are dropping them off at the Aunts tonight right before bedtime. I'm going to miss them (that's the hardest part) but they think it's a fun little sleep over. 


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  1. So exciting! It seems like other bloggers seem to be glad they went with casual, but I understand the feeling. I can't wait to hear how it goes! Btw- I put you as my referral for GG, since it was your blog that led me to them. I will let you know when I go for my screening (probably beg. April), so you can turn in the form.