Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Green Day!

Happy St Patrick's Day!!

I know it's not really something you celebrate but it's fun with the green and what not. Want a history lesson?

St. Patrick is the patron Saint of Ireland (obvious right?) Well did you know the original color associated with him was not green? It was Blue. We celebrate the the day on March 17 because that's when he was thought to have died. It is a public Holiday in Ireland (I believe) and in the Catholic Religion. In America we mainly celebrate  it to celebrate Irish Americans and their heritage. 

Today is also my sisters birthday. She was a green baby ;)

The hubby has a surprised planned for us tonight. I'm kind of excited because he's not good at keeping secrets and so far he's done a good job. I have no clue where we are going. 

This is definitely rare for us, we never go out with out the kids.  Except to go to Cali for Surrogacy stuff, but that doesn't really count because we are usually so tired from the flights and running around. 

I mean it would be nice to have the date nights more often but we don't really have anyone dependable.

Anyway, I made it through the first week at the new job. It went really well, and I was given a ton of compliments. I am so bad at receiving them though. I feel weird because I'm just doing my job.  Next week will be another full week and then after that I think my days stagger some. I mean right now we are all stuffed into one Outpatient Pharmacy, but they are opening an Employee Pharmacy very soon (which is where I will be). Once that is open hours will open up and I'll probably get more. I hope so anyway. Although, right now it works perfect with the surrogacy.  


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