Friday, March 9, 2012

Surro Rambles #5

My end of this surrogacy is pretty quite. I'm not really getting any updates, unless I'm emailing. I don't like bothering people so I feel bad if I send them. I know they (GG) are super busy. Although, my impatience wins out and I email cause I just need to know something, anything!

I finally emailed the agency Monday. Tuesday I got a reply saying things have been moving along. Our stuff has been sent to legal and the egg donor (ED) has been sent for her screening and is waiting on legal too. Which is awesome news! They said if things go smoothly we are looking at an early April med start!! That's even more exciting! 

That night I also got an email about a legal retainer! I quickly signed that and sent it back. Now I'm just waiting on my attorney to get back to me about contracts so we can get those out of the way and get started! 

So there you have it, a short and sweet update. At least we are making progress!

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