Friday, March 30, 2012

Surro Update!!

I finally have something to update on! 

We received the contract last night!!

It is so exciting to have it and be able to read through it and get it signed. David and I have already read it through and signed it. We really can't find anything wrong with or anything we have an issue you. However, we do still have to go over it with our attorney. The soonest we could get a consultation was Monday. So Monday we will be talking it over with her and double checking everything, then it'll be off and we get to the fun stuff!

I also received the final acceptance for the insurance we will be using during the surrogacy. It's really kind of annoying though that it has preexisting conditions that make no sense. Like one is a Brain Cyst. I had a cheerleading accident when I was 16 that caused it but it has since gone away (according to more recent MRIs). I don't see a reason for that to be on there. There's even one for hyperemesis. I mean I never had that, I got really sick with my daughter but I was never hospitalized for it. I mean that's a normal part of pregnancy so I don't understand that one either. Who knows, it's not a big deal I guess but it just annoys me. 

Hopefully we will have more news soon! If everything goes well I am start meds in week or too and maybe a May transfer!

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