Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Work and Daycare

This week has been crazy and we are only in the middle of it! 

I started the new job Monday, well Monday was orientation. So "officially" I guess my first day was yesterday, either way so far I LOVE it. My legs were killing me yesterday because I haven't been on my feet for that long in a while, but other than that it's gone really great. I like the people I'm working with and have gotten tons of compliments. 

The only bad thing to this is although our trial run at daycare last week went pretty well the last two mornings have been HORRIBLE. I can't believe how Haleigh has acted the last two mornings. Lucas has been great, but Haleigh has thrown the worst fits. After 20 mins of arguing with her to go to her class the teachers finally have to come take her in and distract her. She's absolutely fine after I'm gone (I've made David go back and check) and when I pick her up she can't stop talking about how much fun she had. 

I don't know what the issue is. Is she just testing me? Who knows...... I just hope this stops soon. She absolutely breaks my heart. Got any helpful thoughts on this?

As far as the Surrogacy there's no update except for the  new job is totally ok with the time I'll need off. 

I'll leave you know with just a couple of pictures.......

Having so much fun on the trampoline :)

Posing as always :) My beautiful Princess 
(with the static hair)


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