Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First Appointment & First Injection!

Hey all!

Monday was my first official monitoring appointment with my monitoring clinic. 

This thing is never any fun especially when there is no baby to look at :/

Everything went really good. 
The nurse said everything looked "normal", which in my book is just perfect. 

I had to wait around for the call from the Surro fertility clinic to give me the go ahead to start Lupron. 

Around 6pm I finally got the call and was told again that everything looked good and to go ahead and start 10 units daily. 

Today is day three and so far these shots are super easy. 

The Set Up 

The Injection 
(excuse the muffin top)

I havn't really ahd any major side effects from it yet. I did have a headache all day the first day but today was a lot better however I was a bit more impatient and emotional today. Nothing too crazy. Work was a little overwhelming and I guess the two things together made me emotional.


I also did this..........

This little thing was super cheap and it keeps everything organized and not all over the place. I can also keep it all away from the kids a lot  more easily this way. 

So our next big milestone is stopping birth control! Let me just tell you I am so happy for this one. I hate birth control. I just hate the way it makes me feel. So YAY! 

I get to take my last pill this Friday. Then my next monitoring appointment is Wednesday the 16th. After that appointment I should start Estrogen support and all those prenatals. 


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