Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Monitoring Appointment!!

Well, I had my last monitoring appointment yesterday.

I had to work that morning, but luckily the monitoring clinic is right down the road from my work so it was really easy just to take a break and head down there really quick. 

The appointment was quick, as always.
It was no where near as bad as the last time and the most awesome part?

Everything was PERFECT!!

My lining was 10mm and forming what they call the "Triple Stripe", my ovaries are being good and not doing anything crazy, and my blood work came back great. 

So guess what that means????

We are a go for next week!

We got all of our travel info (flight plans & hotel plans) last night!

How exciting is it, that this time next week we will be back in Pasadena ready for transfer?!

Hopefully the Egg Donor is doing well and is also on track. 

My medications only changed a little. I am now on:
*Delestrogen 0.2cc every 3 days
*Estradiol 2mg 3 times a day
*Lupron 5 units daily
*Prenatal Vitamin 3 times a day
*DHA  1 daily
*Folate 1 daily

I am waiting on a call (probably Tuesday) about when to start progesterone support and how much. 

I will leave you now with (I hope will be) my last ultrasound picture with no babies in it!


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