Thursday, May 17, 2012

Monitoring Appointment 2

Yesterday was my second monitoring appointment. It was a really quick appointment; just blood work and an ultrasound. Everything still looked good.

I got the call from my nurse at the Fertility clinic in LA after they received all the results. She told me to start all the Prenantals, Estradiol tablets, and Estrdiol injection on Friday. I am also suppose to decrease the Lupron injections to 5cc. 

I am really excited to be closer to transfer and that everything is going well, but I am scared to death of this injection. The Lupron is easy and no big deal; that needle is tiny. The Estrodiol needle is not, at all, tiny. It's HUGE and makes my stomach queasy every time I look at it. 

I WILL do this and I WILL get over it. 

I am going to "keep my eye on the prize"

The prize being a beautiful baby(ies) for an amazing couple that deserve to be parents. 

I CAN do this I WILL do this! 

Oh goodness, wish me luck tomorrow!


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