Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Monitoring Appt #3

Today was my third monitoring appointment. They are always really quick just some blood work and an ultrasound. Nothing too crazy, but today one of my ovaries decided to hide. If you've ever had a vaginal ultrasound you know where I'm going with this.  It usually takes a lot to hurt me but the ultrasound tech had me coming off the table it hurt so bad. 

Lets hope next week my ovary decides to cooperate and it will be less painful.

Even though it was a little tougher today we still got all the pictures and measurements needed and everything was sent to California to the Clinic. 

I just got the phone call that everything looked good and updated my medications.

They upped my Delestrogen to 0.2cc.
They kept the Estodiol Tablets at 1 pill twice a day.
They kept me on Lupron 5ml. 

I am also still taking all the Prenatal vitamins. 

Hopefully next week is the last ultrasound I'll have (besides Transfer) that there are no babies being looked at. 

Can you believe our potential transfer is only 2 weeks away?! 

I hope the Egg Donor is doing well and things stay on track for both of us. 

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