Monday, June 4, 2012

Transfer Time Creeping In!

 I received a phone call yesterday from the clinic in LA giving me an update on what all was happening with our transfer.
M wanted to let me know that A & E's Egg Donor was doing great and is scheduled for egg retrieval June 6! 

How exciting is that?!

 So that means our dates were pushed back 1 day. Now a 3 day transfer will be June 9 or a 5 day transfer will be June 11. Which is just  fine with us. Luckily for D and I our jobs are awesome and are willing to work with us.  

Today I received a few more emails about my medications and about travel changes. 

The travel actually seems to have changed for the better and gives us time to love on the kids a little more Friday morning. 

As for the medications, I am to take my last Lupron injection Tomorrow (6/5) and stay on everything else as is. Then Wednesday (6/6) I will start Crinone Cream for the first half of my Progesterone support. On Thursday (6/7) I will start the second half of my Progesterone support, Progesterone Ethyl Oleate Injection 1cc every day. (yes, that is another HUGE needle!)  Also, on Thursday I will start taking a Medrol Dose Pack, which is a steroid pack to help make sure my body doesn't "fight off" the embryos. Then after the transfer I will start on Baby Aspirin once daily. 

Crazy bunch of medications, isn't it?

All worth it in the end to get our IP's at least one beautiful perfect baby. 

After all these meds are started and we have gotten to LA we will either be at the clinic at 7:00am Saturday morning or at 8:30 Monday morning with a  full bladder and uterus ready to let a baby or two snuggle in for the next 9 months!

Wish us luck!! I will try to get a few posts/updates up while we are out there, but I can't promise anything. 

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