Thursday, June 14, 2012

Update- 3dp5dt

Uggh, my mind/body is playing tricks on me. 

That or all these hormones I am on are finally catching up with me.

I started throwing up yesterday and haven't been able to kick the nauseous feeling since. Then apparently I am already having hot flashes or being steadily hot because I am the only one burning up in this house AND I slept with no covers last night (says my husband) which I never do. Usually I am freezing! (There are three comforters on my bed)

I honestly think it's way too early to be having any real pregnancy symptoms so it has to be something else. 

I thought yesterday it could be jet lag and the meds, but who knows? How long does Jet lag last?

Other than all that whining I feel great. It is so good to be back home and with my kids! I missed them so much! I decided, yesterday, to keep them home from school and spend all day with them. It was so nice. 

Today I went back to work and everyone there is amazing and so excited for my IPs and I. I have such a wonderful support system. Even though some of them can't believe I can so easily give up a baby I carried in me for 9 months. I just have to keep reminding them it's not my baby. I'm babysitting for 9 months and giving her/them back to her/their Mommy and Daddy :). 

I mean no one is mean about it, every one is super supportive. It's just hard to wrap their minds around I guess. 

I can't wait for A & E to have their little girl(s), it's going to be amazing to see them become parents.

Also, as of right now there will be no early testing and even if I/we decide to take an at home test, I won't be sharing the results until BETA. 

Sorry guys :(. 

I know a lot of people have asked cause you want to know as badly as we do. But it's not going to hurt to wait right? At least with the BETA we will know what my HCG levels are looking like and weather or not to get super excited. 

 Today I am 3dp5dt or 8dpo.
(dp5dt = days past a 5 day transfer, dpo= days past ovulation) 

11 days until BETA


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