Sunday, July 8, 2012

Holiday, Wedding, and Sickness

Last Wednesday was Independence Day here in America, so D and I were both off work. Usually we make a day of it, but this year we were both tired and it was so hot, we didn't really want to be stuck in it all day. We ended up just driving to a food place a like that is no where close to home because I was craving it and he loves me. Then came home relaxed and went to watch Fireworks. Our normal spot ended up having tons of people in it so we drove around and finally found an even better spot. We set our selves up just in time to watch them. Hay loved them but L was not a fan. I had to hold him against my chest with my hand over his ear or he would scream. The booming scared him to death, poor baby. 

Then Saturday my mother-in-law got married. It was really pretty and sweet but way too hot. Early pregnancy and heat just don't mix well. I ended up having to go sit in the car three times and got really sick once. (It was an out side wedding)

Now to show you my new best friend:

Sea-Bands! This morning sickness is getting bad so I had to figure out something. So far these are amazing! Granted my morning sickness is not the worse I've ever had and I'm not sure if these will hold up to that, we can at least hope right? Never hurts to be proactive and so far so good. 

Tuesday is our Ultrasound!
Will there be 1 or 2? 

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