Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Update! (from MIA)

I know I know I have been completely MIA for almost two weeks. 

Sorry about that. 

Honestly, for the last week and a half it's taken everything I have to get up and make it to work. I have been so sick and miserable, it's ridiculous. I really just want to lay in bed curled up not doing anything. (Yes I was that miserable) Thankfully yesterday was a much better day. I managed to make it to 7pm before getting sick and was even able to eat! So far today is looking good too. (Lets hope this is a pattern that's sticking around.)

Oh, and to top it off the miserable week last week, last weeks appointment was horrible. The babies are perfect before you jump to conclusions. It was just the doctors attitude and the fact that this monitoring clinic is ridiculously unorganized. They lost my orders (AGAIN) for the appointment and acted like they had no idea why I was there. Then of course this is the one day I didn't bring a copy with me. After finally finding my paperwork they sent me back for blood work, which went well. Then we headed to the Ultrasound room, a nurse greeted me and she was really nice, but then Dr. N came in and it just went down hill. He wasn't happy that I was back so soon (a week later). He didn't understand why I was back because "they only do ultrasounds every two weeks". I was thinking to myself "does it really matter? You're not my doctor get over it." Then we started the ultrasound and he rushed looking at the babies saying "Still looking good" and measured them. This is were he really started to bug me. He was rushing so much when he measured Baby A his first measurement was 7 weeks 1 day, which would mean that baby wasn't growing very well. I asked him if he was sure and if the baby was ok and he just blew me off and said "Oh it was just the angle" them remeasured and got an accurate measurement. He rush their heart rates and measuring Baby B and didn't tell me anything. I had to wait until my clinic in LA emailed me that night to know their measurements and heart rates. 

I was happy that the babies looked good, but really upset that 1) I didn't really have any information to tell A & E and 2) I didn't have any good pictures. The picture that was suppose to be both babies only shows one and the picture of Baby A shows like a back of the baby and you can't even tell what it is. I will be so thankful when I am released to my own OB. 

Like I said though both babies looked great. Baby A measured 7 weeks 6 days and Baby B measured 8weeks. At the time I was 7 weeks 6 days so they measured perfectly. Baby A's heart rate was 155 bpm and Baby B's heart rate was 162 bpm. Just perfect and to top it all off my Progesterone went from 18 to 32! That is amazing! Right now I am still on all medications, hopefully after next weeks appointment I will be taken off of them.

Next Appointment is July 31. Hopefully these little girls still look perfect and all my blood work comes back great!.

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