Tuesday, August 21, 2012

School Days

So yesterday most of the kids around where I live went back to school. A lot of my friends have little ones starting their first year of school and will all the craziness that's been the last few weeks I didn't get to share that last month my Little/Big girl started K4! It's crazy that she is now a "school kid". 

So far she  LOVES school. She has had her moments were she doesn't want to go (mainly because she doesn't want to get up), but for the most part she loves it. The poor child is like her mom and talks too much, so she has already gotten into trouble for that. But all in all her first month and a half has gone really well. She has already learned SO much! 

It's crazy how fast time flies. Before I know it L will be in school and soon after they will be graduating. Time needs to SLOW down  just a little. 

I'll leave you know with a picture from Hay's first day of school!

Did your child start school for the first time this year or are you a pro at it by now but it never gets easier?


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