Thursday, September 27, 2012

18 Weeks!

18 Weeks people! We are at 18 weeks in this pregnancy.

It really feels like it is flying by. 

In all reality, for Twins, we could be at the half way mark. 
(Born at 36 weeks)
That makes it even more crazy to think about. 

The girls are doing great and getting big, I'm not sure if I said it in my last blog but our next ultrasound is Oct. 12. That is the big anatomy scan. The girls parents (IPs) will be here for it and we are also going to go do a 4D ultrasound, which will be awesome!

The actual surrogacy process is still going well. The best part of working with an agency is they really take care of everything and all I need to do is worry about getting these babies here safe and sound. As far as that (the pregnancy) is going everything is going good. I'm not having any crazy symptoms or anything. I have started having random Braxton Hicks. Which I I think is pretty good. With L I started having them super early around 12 weeks (we caught it ultrasound), so I thought I would get them early this time too since I'm carrying twins, So the first one at 17 weeks is pretty good I think. 

As for these little girls, according to the pregnancy websites I look at they should be about the size of sweet potatoes and around 6oz. Now we know the later part of that is wrong because they were both 6 oz two weeks ago. So for all we know they could both be about 12 oz. That could make them a pound a piece at our next ultrasound. 

Next week we will be at Disney World! So go ahead and be prepared for tons or pictures! 


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