Thursday, October 11, 2012

Disney Vacation!! (The Resort)

We are officially back from our vacation. 
We had an absolute blast, but are so thankful to be home. 
I love my home it's perfect for us, but the occasional vacation is awesome. 
I am so thankful that we were able to take this trip and see the amazement and joy on our kids faces. 
That is priceless. 

So our trip was to Walt Disney World in Florida. 
We stayed at their new Art Of Animation, which was AMAZING! 

This place is so perfect for the whole family and makes the hotel stay even more fun. 
They have four themes: Finding Nemo, Cars, Lion King, and The Little Mermaid.
We stayed in the Cars Family Suits, but did go explore all the sections.

This place was so amazing and fun! Exploring the resort was almost just as fun as visiting the parks.
This resort had the four different themed sections and in each section there were three buildings. The resort had one main pool and splash pad for the kids and two smaller pools. The main pool and splash pad were Finding Nemo. The two smaller pools were in the Little Mermaid section and in the Cars section. They also have an Arcade, Gift Shop, and the Landscape Of Flavors restaurant (which has great options for everyone).

Here's some pictures from around the Resort.


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