Friday, October 26, 2012

Surrogacy Week 22 With The Tinks!!

I don't know what happened! 
I thought I had written a post for our 20 weeks but apparently this "baby brain" stuff is really getting to me because obviously I didn't.
 Sorry to leave you all hanging for so LONG!

So our official "Half Way" mark has come and gone. How crazy is that?! We are now counting down, more so than counting to. 

We had our Anatomy Scan and 20 week OB appointment on October 12. 
Everything with me looked GREAT! There was not even a trace of protein in my urine, blood pressure looked good, and hemoglobin was perfect.  My cervical length is still over 3, so perfect. I had been having random Braxton Hicks contractions but nothing crazy so they are not worried at all. 
At our ultrasound the Girls looked perfect,although baby A is stubborn and wouldn't turn around and face us for any amount of time so we could see everything the ultrasound tech needed. That however was the only thing she wasn't able to get. Both girls looked perfect and were head down (not that that isn't going to still be changing). They both measured to be about 12oz each. They didn't give us lengths though. Also, their heart beats were perfect, but I can't remember now what they were. 

A & E were both here and got to see their little girls again! I love when they come up and actually get to see them. The day after, on the 13th we also did a 4D ultrasound. It was pretty good, but to be honest I am really irritated with the place that did it. It just didn't seem like she really wanted to try to get good pictures. So we got a good bit of baby B, who is always the one willing to show off. Baby A however didn't get very many. In Baby A's defense B was being super mean to her! B had her but on A's head a LOT and if it wasn't her butt she would kick her in the face. They are definitely silly little girls and full of personality. 

As for their names, A & E still haven't decided on anything. Having said that when they do name them I have decided not to share their names on here. Honestly, I think that should be kept private like I have kept A & E's actual names private. So I did entertain the thought of giving them "fake" names on here, just so I could have something to call them. That lasted all of a day. It is just too weird, so they are staying the Tinks. 

22 Week Belly

Baby B's Butt on A's face (silly girls)

4D Pics :)


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