Friday, November 30, 2012

Surrogacy: 27 Weeks!!

Twenty-Seven weeks; goodbye second trimester, hello third trimester!

Wednesday I had an OB appointment, ultrasound, and glucose test.

Let me just tell you I am so glad that is the last glucose test I have to take for a good long while. I am so sick of that nasty drink. This was my third in a years time. I know I'm not diabetic. I even ate a doughnut before going to my appointment, that is how sure I was that it wouldn't be high. They want a number under 140 and mine was 108. See? Not even close. 

Anyway, the ultrasound went good for the most part. My cervix still looks good (over 3cm)and both girls looked great. They were stubborn as usual, which made it take a little longer than usual and of course it's hard to lay on my back for too long so I ended up on my side while she's trying to do the ultrasound. Needless to say we did not get any good pictures to take home.

Their stats as of Wednesday are Baby A: 2lbs 11oz with a heart rate of 141 bpm and she was head down. Baby B 2lbs 6oz with a heart rate of 144 bpm and she was breach. (Big girls!!)

As for the OB part of the appointment every thing went well. She didn't fuss because of my weight (I gained 5lbs in 2 weeks) and she said I was doing great. We are also still on track for a vaginal delivery and not even talking c-sections (which I LOVE). As long as A stays head down and bigger than B than that shouldn't change. 

My 27 Week Bump:


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