Monday, November 26, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

I hope everyone (In the States or that celebrated) had an amazing Thanksgiving. Even though I had to work it was still great. 

Our weekend was even better!!

We ended up going to see the Christmas lights and fed animals at a local zoo on Friday night. 

Then on Saturday we went and cut down our Christmas tree!! I love love love this and we had so much fun. We started this new tradition last year and we were so excited to keep it going. It is so much fun "hunting" down the perfect tree and then getting to actually cut it down. Even more fun at this Tree Farm they have animals to go look at and a Hayride to check out the farm.

As far as the surrogacy, I know I have been bad and left you hanging. It really hasn't been on purpose, but with my kids birthdays and the all the events going on I just haven't got around to it. Not to mention last week I just had no interest what so ever in being on the computer at all.  I have an appointment Wednesday and figured I would just update then. In the mean time we are all doing great. The girls are growing amazingly and their Mommy and Daddy are getting even more excited for them to be here. I even know their potential names now and can't wait to know which set A & E go with.

Wednesday I will be 27 weeks. This appointment is going to long, I can feel it already. I have to do the glucose test (again), an ultrasound, and see one of the OBs. 

Until then.......


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