Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pregnancy Week 30; Surro Girlies

Well Thursday we had our second cervical length check and OB appointment because of the shortened cervix.

Everything was great. My cervix was the same at 2.5cm, which still leaves me on bed rest, but we are super thankful it wasn't any shorter. 

The girls looked great and still both head down. We didn't measure them just looked at their hearts and fluid levels. All of my stats looked good too, nothing to complain about. 

Dr. F went ahead and measured my fundal height "for the fun of it". She was joking about liking to see what people would measure if it were just one baby in there. I said its probably measuring 38 weeks or something because they are all in my ribs. She starts measuring and goes "wow, it just keeps going up there!" Then her eyes got big and says "good grief you ARE measuring 38 weeks!" We just laughed about it but now we know I'm not exaggerating. 

My personal goal is to make it to at least 35 weeks before the girls are born but she's thinking I'm not going to make it past 34. We shall see I guess. 

I go back Friday for another cervical length check and OB appointment. Depending on what my cervix looks like that will probably be the last one I have. Dr. F said they usually stop at 32 weeks, which is fine by me. I am so over wandy and so over ultrasounds.

I am in mild shock that they are almost here and this part of the journey is almost over. It's crazy and amazing to think that A & E are SO close to having these little girls in their arms, finally. 

My 30 Week Bump isn't the best picture but here you go. :)

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