Sunday, December 16, 2012

Not Expected 29 Week Appointment

We are now at 29 weeks!

We had another cervical check and OB appoint this past Friday. Which did not go at all like I was expecting. I have been feeling pretty good. I mean way better than the two previous weeks. I've just been a little more tired and had all the normal aches and pains of carrying two babies around.

So anyway I went into my appointment Friday Morning telling them I felt pretty good and just did the normal routine, you know weight and urine and sit down for blood pressure. Also that day we had to test my hemoglobin because it had a been a month since the last time they checked.

The results from all that was I still have trace protein in my urine (which like I said before is never going to change really. I've had trace in every pregnancy I've had). My weight looked good and my blood pressure was perfect. However, my iron (which is what the hemoglobin is) was low and had dropped a good bit, hence why I've been so tiered. They want it above 11 and mine is usually 11.4 ish. Well that day it was 9.4 and she checked me three different times to make sure it wasn't the machine. I've never had low iron. So that stunk but wasn't a major problem, it just meant I will now be taking an iron pill.

We then headed back for the ultrasound. I went in and got ready for the cervix check as usual (and if you didn't know it is a vaginal ultrasound, good ol' wandy). First she went ahead and swabbed me for the Fetal Fibronectin Test, which is the test that tells you if you will go into labor int he next two weeks. The only reason she would have to send it off though is if my cervix had shortened, but they have to do the swab before the ultrasound  After that she started measuring and it was not what we expected. Usually my cervix is 3.4 a 3.9 ; which is great. Well Friday it was measuring between 2 and 2.4. Not at all what we wanted to see. It's not horrible but not good either. 

 So after figuring that out she went ahead started trying to do the measurements on the girls. This also didn't go as smooth as usual. For one B was pushing under A causing her to go side ways and making it really hard to figure out which baby was which. Then for two while trying to figure that out I started getting light headed and felt like I was going to pass out. We ended up having to stop and get me water and cooled off. My ultrasound lady went ahead and took the FFB Test to go ahead and start the test and to let the doctor I was seeing that day know what was going on. 

In the end we made it through the ultrasound. After me having to get through whatever that was the girls situated themselves into their normal positions and we got all the measurements we needed. Baby A was 3lbs 9oz and Baby B was 3lbs 4oz. Both babies had great heartbeats and A was practicing her breathing. 

I was done with all that and sent to wait on the doctor so we could go over what all was going to happen and see the results from the FFN Test. 

We were called back into the room and wait on Dr. W to come in. He let me know that the FFN test came back negative, which meant I should not go into Labor any time soon, Thank goodness! However, I was not going to be going back to work this week. He put me on bed rest. Not strict on my back bed rest  but I need to stay off my feet and not to much of anything. I hadn't dilated any which was good, so we just need to figure out why my cervix shorted a full cm in a week. So along with the bed rest I will have another cervical check on Monday and another on Thursday along with an OB appointment. If everything still looks good and no more shortening at Thursday's appointment I will be able to go back to work. If things are no better then it's up in the air what will happen. It'll all depend on how much shorter my cervix is and if I've dilated. 

So that's where we are now. We did go ahead and get the steroid shots to help the girls lungs develop a little faster, just to be on the safe side. But my goal is still to get them to at least the end of January. Which would be about 35 weeks, and awesome for twins. Oh and in case you are wondering, those steroid shots burn like crazy! 

Here's my week 29 belly shot!

I hope to be able to update more tomorrow after my appointment. 

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