Saturday, December 29, 2012

SurroTwins 31 Weeks!! OB Appt

31 Weeks!! 

I feel like we were counting down so nicely before but now I'm just slowly grabbing on to the next week. It's crazy that now that I am feeling pretty good (I had a couple of rough weeks, where I was just miserable) things are getting a tiny bit crazy.

Anyway, nothing bad has happened. The girls are doing amazing and growing like they should. They have "officially" started running out of room and their growth has slowed down, They were gaining a pound every two weeks, but this last two weeks the gained about half a pound each; give or take a few ounces. Baby A was 4lbs 4oz and her heart rate was 143 bpm. Baby B was 3lbs 14oz and her heart rate was 155bpm. B is the big mover of the two and she was wide awake and all over the place, hence the reason her heart rate was higher. Everything checked out wonderful for them. Their fluid is great, their blood flow in their umbilical cords was perfect and they are both practicing breathing. 

For me things get a little iffy. Not horrible by any means, but just letting us know their birthdays may come a little sooner than we were thinking (I am still aiming for at least 35 weeks). So the quick run down is this: I lost 6lbs, my iron is still low, my cervix shortened from 2.5 to 1.4, I am 1 cm dilated  40% effaced, AND I have Bell's Palsy. On the good side the FFN came back negative again and the NST was good. I was having contractions, but nothing too steady or strong. 

It was another LONG crazy appointment, I am happy that I got to go home. I'm still on bed rest but I'm home and not stuck in the hospital, so I am happy. The only thing that really bugs me is this stupid Bell's Palsy. My DR gave me Prednisone to hopefully help, I hope it does and fast!

I have another NST Monday and then an ultrasound and OB visit Friday. So we will see how those go. I still honestly don't think they will be here that soon. I get a little nervous at the doctors office when they all look nervous, but once that is over I am back to being pretty sure they are hanging out a while longer. 

The NST Machine

 All Hooked Up

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  1. You look great! Crazy when it gets close to the end eh!?

    1. Thank you!! It is so crazy! And hard to believe they are almost here!