Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's A Long One!

I did not intentionally leave you hanging last week I promise. I had planned to update about 33 Weeks last weekend; however I have a REALLY good reason why that didn't happen. Can you guess what that might be???

The Girls Are HERE!!

Despite the fact that at my 33 week appointment Dr. W said we would probably make it to 36 or 37 weeks, the girls had other plans. They were ready and not stopping for anyone. 

So here’s their birth story:

Saturday was just another day and we really didn’t do anything special. We went out for pizza with some friends and came home. Nothing too exciting and I hadn’t had any contractions. At least none that would stop me or make me think anything was up.  So when I was woken up at 2am (Sunday Morning) with some painful ones it was kind of shocking, although things seemed to be worse at night from having to move that big ol’ belly around. I tried to drink some water and go back to sleep. By 4am I couldn't sleep anymore, I was just too uncomfortable. I decided to get up and take a shower to see if that would make them chill out or stop. I mean I wasn't in a lot of pain, just very uncomfortable. Around 5am I was still uncomfortable and was feeling pressure and I just had that feeling that I probably didn't need to just sit here anymore. I woke David up and told him we probably needed to get up and call someone for the kids. This was way too early for him so it took me a few minutes to get him going. He called his mom and she got here pretty quickly.

We ended up at L & D around 6:45 am. By this time I wasn't really having the contractions like I was, so I figured we would get up to triage and they would send us home. But we were already here so we went on up. We got in and talked to the nurse. She gave me a gown and a band to hold the leads for the monitor on and made me give a urine sample. We got all that done and got me hooked up. The nurse left and took the sample to be tested, so we sat there flipping through channels and listening to the girls move around.

This is when things start to get a little crazy. The nurse came back in, she tells us that I probably need to drink a little more water and that might be what’s causing the contractions. She said she was going to check me and if I’m not dilated I’ll go home. We honestly all thought I would maybe be a 1 or 2 (well the nurse said she thought I would be closed). Well we were all wrong and it showed immediately on her face. She said “Well you’re not going anywhere, you’re having babies today. You’re a 6!” I start crying and telling David to call A & E. At this point we hadn’t called yet, because I seriously wasn’t expecting to be in real labor. I was only 33 Weeks and 5 Days.

The nurse comes back in and tells us Dr. D is on call and he’s not happy. Apparently he was chewing the nurse out for letting me get to a 6. It really wasn't her fault, we had only been there an hour and I guess because I wasn't acting like I was in pain no one thought I could actually be that far. She also told me he told her I was going to have a C-section, which completely floored me. No one had ever had an issue with me going vaginally until now all of a sudden. His only reason was because it was twins and technically a VBAC. Ummm hello this is the doctor who delivered Lucas and did my last VBAC. (I honestly don’t think he realized who I was at first).  She then went on to tell me they were going to try to stop my labor. She gave me a shot of Terbutaline to try to stop it and let me know that once I was in a room we would start Magnesium. After that she placed the IV, started fluids, and started antibiotics. (The antibiotics were for Group B Strep just to be safe because I hadn’t been tested yet) I then waited on Dr. D to some in.

We didn't wait too long. He came in and talked to us for a minute and did an ultrasound to see where the girls were laying. A was head down and ready to go (as usual) and B, who was head down on Thursday, was now transverse with her feet down.  Now I knew because A was head down and B was always smaller I could still do a vaginal birth, but we didn't talk about that yet. He just told me everything the nurse had and said we would see what happens. The nurse then gave me the steroid shot and started getting things ready to move me to a room. At this point the Anesthesiology RN came in to go over all the questions in case I did need a c-section and for the epidural. He explained all the different scenarios and assured me he would do his best to make sure I was numb enough so I wouldn't have to be put under in an emergency, but also explained that it could happen.

Around 8:30am the nurse came back in to get me moved
 to a room. By this point David had already gone outside to get better service and get my hospital bag. We still hadn't been able to get A & E on the phone. She also asked me about signing the consent form for the c-section and I told her no. I mean I honestly didn't think the medications were going to stop the labor (I was still feeling the contractions) but if it did I definitely wasn't signing it when it gave B more time to flip. She said ok and we got me moved to my room; room number 207.  

I got all set up in the room and David came back in, he had gotten in touch with A & E and they were looking for a flight to get here ASAP. Around 9am my new nurse started the magnesium. Now if you don’t know this drug has got to be the most evil thing in the world! It burns going in and it makes you feel horrible. I was completely ok until that crap started then I felt awful. I started throwing up until they got the Zofran in me and I felt like I was on fire. I felt like I was going to pass out and just couldn't keep my eyes open. Then to make sure the mag comes out and doesn't make you toxic she gave me a catheter (which sucked majorly). As soon as that was in I was in even more pain and just completely uncomfortable. A’s head was right up against it.

I suffered through that for a little while but I was so uncomfortable and felt so much pressure it was a little unreal and the mag messes with your emotions I think. The nurse checked me again and found out I was 8 and my bag of water was coming through my cervix, which is what was causing all the pressure. (On a side note I always figured I would wait until my water broke to go to the hospital….thank God I didn't do that because I would have had babies at home) The nurse called Dr. D to figure out what our plan was now.  Apparently no one had told him I refused to sign the consent and I wasn't doing a c-section without good reason. So he then came in and we had a good talk. We both gave our reasons and by this time he knew who I was and that he had delivered Lucas. There wasn't much arguing after that. I made a good point and knew what I was talking about. Both girls looked great on the monitor and I was progressing even though trying to stop it, so there was no good argument for a c-section.

This is where it gets crazier and fast.

At this point it was obvious that the girls were coming and we weren't stopping it. So they stopped Mag and sent the anesthesia Dr and RN in for my epidural.  We joked around and got everything placed (I was feeling a lot better now that the mag was gone). After I was numb Dr. D came back in checked me and I just had a little “rim” left, so everyone left (besides my nurse) to get the OR ready for us. Even though I was going vaginally I still had to deliver in there in case of an emergency. Now all this started around 1pm. It was now about 2:15 and Dr, came back in and checked me again. I was complete and this is when he finally broke my water because it was going on its own. I was then wheeled back to the OR.

We got in there and me on the table and feet up and ready at about 2:45pm. We waited what seemed like FOREVER for the NICU team to get in there. Poor Dr. D is having to tell me to just wait because A was right there ready to go. By this time I was half asleep from all the meds (I guess) and shaking from the epidural, but I was ready when he was ready to “let” me push. (I know that sounds awful) The NICU team FINALLY got set and I could push!

Five pushes later, at 3:01pm, Baby A (whose real name starts with a T) came screaming into this world. She was perfect! All I got to see at first was hair because they took her so fast. (Thank goodness David was taking pictures)

I was still trying to get a good look at T when Dr. D tells me “Ok Push!” I hadn’t even been paying him any attention and seriously thought we were going to wait on B to come down on her own. I thought he was just trying to turn her, but no he had stuck his entire hand up there and pulled her down! So amidst my shock and asking why I was pushing again Baby B (Whose real name starts with a B) came into this world, at 3:04pm, three pushes later and breach! She was quiet at first and just looked around but the minute she was out of sight I knew she was fine because she started screaming like crazy. She was just perfect too!

I couldn’t believe they were here safe and perfect; despite the fact that they were only 33 weeks and 5 days gestation. I had so many emotions. I was happy they were here safely. Shocked that they came so fast and early. Sad that A & E had not made it in time to see their girls come into the world. Thrilled that I had avoided a c-section and given birth to two babies, one breach, with no problems.

I was on an absolute high. It was so crazy and even more crazy that it happened so fast. David jokes because we were watching the Sea Hawks vs Falcons game and we went back to the OR at the beginning of Half Time and got back in the room in time to watch the whole 4th quarter.

T was 5lbs 7oz 18 1/2in

B was 4lbs 14oz 18in

I told you PERFECT!

A & E got there around 8pm that night. It was amazing when they got to see their girls finally!

That is why I became a surrogate, that moment right there. 
All those shots, all those ultrasounds, all the uncomfortable moments were totally worth it.  


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  1. Hey, Courtney! It's Cheryl. I was watching the videos (which I'm most certainly going to finish), but I was kind of obsessed with your story, so I needed to hurry up and find out how it all played out and I can read much faster. Lol! I hope and pray that I can get to the feelings you expressed in the last paragraph. You hit the nail right on the head with that one. I'll attempt to stop stalking your page, but it probably won't happen anytime soon. Thanks again for your kindness. You are a spectacular woman!