Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kiddo Check Ups!

Oy, Can we catch a little break here?

Today we had H & L's 5 and 2 year check ups; yes they are late because our pediatricians office was crazy busy in November and December.  So anyway we got both of them in today.

For the most part both of them are doing really well and are right on track in their growth. Lucas is in the 50th percentile in everything and Haleigh is the same in weight but 90th percentile in height. She's always been super tall. 

Haleigh is 45.5 inches tall (almost 4 ft tall) and she weighed 43 lbs. Her weight was down some but I think it's from her being sick at Christmas and not wanting to eat anything for three days.   The good news with her is that her hearing is getting better (thank goodness).  However she still has fluid in both ears.  So we go back February 13 for her ears to be checked again. If the fluid is still there we will be sent to an ENT. 

I don't think I ever wrote about her hearing loss but in short she had a major ear infection at the beginning of December and at the same time had a hearing test that showed she had complete hearing loss in her right ear. The doctor was pretty confident that once the fluid went down and the infection cleared up that she would regain the hearing, he was right. Also, her eye sight was not that great at this visit, which blows my mind because it was so good at her last check up. Either way we will be going to the eye doctor now too. 

As for our Little Lucas man. He was 36 in tall (3ft tall) and 28.8 lbs. He is a tall skinny mini too. His not so great news is that his Heart Murmur is still here. We were hoping it would close up and go away, but apparently that is not going to be the case.  Dr. P said it still sounds small, so that is good. We will be headed back to the cardiologist. Hopefully things really are still small and we'll be just paying attention for another year or so and this won't affect him in the long run.

I'm worried for my babies but for the most part these are small things. Hopefully they will just need the check ups and things will work out just fine with no major issues or surgeries.  

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