Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Surrogacy Update 32 Weeks

I didn't forget about the blog last week, I promise. I honestly just didn't feel like writing it. My last doctors appointment was kind of crappy and put me in a bad mood. 

It wasn't bad saying that anything was wrong, it was just entirely too long for no reason. 

I had a biophysical profile ultrasound, which took FOREVER because Baby B was being lazy and wouldn't practice her "breathing". I honestly don't blame her I had had contractions all last week and she was probably tired of them. Then the J (the ultrasound tech) kept poking me to try to move her and using that stupid buzzer thing a million times to get her to move; I'm sure she was just as annoyed as I was. I knew she was fine and everything else checked out good. Honestly if I was carrying my own babies I probably would have just told her to leave me alone and walked out. 

Anyway J ended up giving me a Pepsi to try to get her moving more. That didn't work, so they put me on the monitor again. Of course as soon as we were hooked up both girls go nuts, dancing and kung fu fighting. So there was no way they were getting a good reading. After three nurses coming in and trying to position the things and listening to them, they gave up too. Obviously they were just fine. 

Then I finally got to go in and see the doctor. This is the only doctor at my OB/GYN office that I do NOT like at all. She's not a horrible  person or anything,  she's just not helpful AT ALL. She never answers questions like a person should and kind of blows everything off. So needless to say I didn't really get any of my answers that I needed. I am as clueless now as I was before the appointment. It's really frustrating. 

I made sure to tell them not to schedule me with her again. I am so done giving her chances. 

Anyway, my next appointment is Thursday and with Dr. W whom I love. He should be able to give me better answers and care a little more about me. We shall see. I'm honestly not thinking this appointment is going to be too exciting. I've not had anymore constant contractions and the girls are moving normally. Besides the normal aches and pains of being 33 weeks pregnant with twins, I feel just fine. 

Here's my 32 Week Bump Pic. 


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