Wednesday, February 6, 2013

3 Weeks PP Surrogacy Birth

My little Tinkletts are 3 weeks old now. 

It seems like so much longer, though.

It's crazy when you have your own kids time seems to fly (I'm sure it's going by quick now for A & E) but when they are someone else's time seems to creep. It'll probably start going by faster once I'm back at work, any-who. 

They all went home last week. It was a bittersweet moment that's for sure. I am so so happy they get to be home starting their life as a family of four, but I'm sad to see them all go. It has absolutely been an amazing journey.  That part is over but we didn't say "bye", we said "see you later". 

As far as how I am doing emotionally, I am still doing well. I've had my moments where I get emotional. Not because they are gone. I am having more issues with the fact I had them early. Rationally I know I couldn't help it and it's not my fault but still. I am also having issues with the fact that I never held the girls. I knew I wanted to, but it just never seemed like a good time, especially with them in the NICU. I really should have just asked the day we said our "good bye for nows". I'm sure A & E would have let me, but they were all bundled up ad sleeping in their car seats. I didn't want to bother them. It just really bothers me now. 

Physically I am healing really well and have started working out a little. Nothing crazy yet but hopefully I will get a good routine going the more my body gets back to "normal". 


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